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This is the Wiki for Drift Solutions' Software and Source Code.
You can also view our GitHub here.

List of software projects
ShoutIRC Radio Bot IRC bot for radio stations with song announcements and optional built-in AutoDJ. Freeware w/no support
Paid w/support
Runs on LinuxRuns on Windows Binaries

TV Grabber Download NZBs/torrents for your favorite shows automatically. Freeware Runs on Windows Binaries

Drift Standard Libraries Cross-platform code library, sort of like how libboost was at the beginning but not template/header based. BSD 3-clause Runs on LinuxRuns on Windows C++ Code

DriftVM Lightweight Virtual Machine Manager for LXC/KVM (think stripped down Proxmox) GPL v3 Runs on Linux C++ CodePHP Code

GraphPaper Digital Graph Paper Freeware Runs on Windows Binaries

Motorola 68000-based Homebrew Computer A hobbyist homebrew PC I'd like to build someday CC BY-NC-SA N/A N/A

Windows Update Nag Stopper aka Stop Nagging Damnit. No longer works since Windows 10 so discontinued. Freeware Runs on Windows Binaries

DiskWriter Old program for writing floppy disks (for historical interest more than anything.) zlib License Runs on Windows C++ Code

Just for fun, A History of my CPUs and Coolers